What is a malt drying kiln called?

We have 1 answer for the crossword clue Malt-drying kiln. Possible Answers: OAST.

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What is kiln in the Whisky?

In the large kiln at Bowmore distillery, two furnaces control the air temperature inside the kiln, up to 60C, where we stop germination and dry the barley so it can be milled into grist and where Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky is given its subtle peat smoke character.

What is a kiln for malt called?

They are known as malt kilns in the traditional trade, craft, and industry of malting; another name for them is grain dryers or corn dryers; they are used to dry harvested oats and grain as well as to dry the green malt from the floor.13 September 2014
What is the process of Kilning?
By blowing heated air through the grain bed, moisture from germinated grain is controlledly removed during the kilning process.

The goal of kilning is to reduce the grains moisture content from roughly 40 to 50% down to at least 4 to 6%. Kilning is always done in two or three stages, with the first stage removing the majority of the surface moisture of the germinated grain.
What does six row barley mean?
Spikelets are arranged in an alternate pattern at each node along the rachis (stem) of the spike and, in six-row varieties, the two lateral spikelets as well as the central spikelet are fertile and yield a total of three kernels.
What is milling in brewing?
Malt kernels are physically crushed into smaller pieces during milling in order to prepare them for mashing and lautering, the following steps in the brewing process.
What does a kiln do?
Modern kilns, which can be lined with firebrick or made entirely of heat-resistant alloys, are used in ceramics to fire clay and porcelain objects, in metallurgy to roast iron ores, to burn lime and dolomite, and in the production of portland cement.

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