What type of kiln do I need?

If you are firing glass to 1500° F, buy a kiln rated to 1700° F. If you are firing ceramics to cone 6, buy a cone 10 kiln. As heating elements get older, they consume less and less power.

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Which is better gas or electric kiln?

If one wants to achieve the reduction firing effect, which alters the color of glazes and the clay body itself by using up all the oxygen in the chambers atmosphere, gas kilns are preferable to electric ones.

Do I need a kiln for pottery?

Many people who are interested in making pottery may be discouraged because they believe they need a pottery wheel, kiln, or other tools to get started, but the truth is that all you need is a lump of clay and your imagination to create your very first pottery projects.
Can I put a kiln in my shed?
There are several locations you can put a kiln when you have a home studio, but typically it goes in the garage or basement because those spaces are more likely to have the right flooring and space needed. It is also acceptable to put a kiln in a separate, unheated building like a shed.

Here are four alternative uses of a kiln that expand beyond pottery.

  • A kiln is useful for a variety of tasks because it uses heat to bring about specific chemical changes, particularly dehydration.
  • Sterilization.
  • Knifemaking.
  • Ceramics.

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